Dealing with Challenges of Sales Enablement

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No one can deny the various advantages of an effective sales enablement solution. It leads to sales productivity, a more trained sales team, and better sales. Even though there are tons of benefits to using sales enablement software, sales enablement comes with some challenges. Professionals like sales managers and sales leaders have to face some difficulties regarding sales enablement such as risks of sales productivity, marketing alignment, etc.

How to deal with or steer clear of these challenges is knowing what they are and how they come into existence in day-to-day operations. Along with this, using the top sales enablement tools allows you to automate workflows, get relevant content, analytics, and insights, and increase collaboration. A sales enablement software is the core of sales enablement strategy. Using a good sales enablement tool helps in resolving challenges and dealing with risks in the best way possible.

Listed below are the top four sales enablement challenges you should know about so you are prepared:

Sales and Marketing Departments aren’t Synced

When marketing and sales department are not on the same page, it can poorly impact the customer experience as well as company operations. When these two departments fail to work as one and the issue is not resolved, it can be detrimental to the company. For example, the absence of collaboration might lead to confusion, and content might be updated without feedback and made live without communication between the departments. Using sales enablement best practices helps in aligning the two departments.

These tools assist both departments in working together in a shared environment. They can interact with each other as they have a direct channel to communicate and create quality content. 

No Focus on Optimization of Sales Content 

Content plays a vital role in grabbing customers' attention and making them consider your product. Due to this collateral is critical in the sales process. When sales reps have access to a robust library of content for every step/phase of the sales cycle, they are ready to fulfill customer expectations. However, if there are gaps in content, it can be bad for the sales process.

For businesses to thrive today, they need to have access to a wide range of content such as blogs, white papers, social media posts, case studies, product spec guides, and a lot more. You need to use different types of sales enablement content. The more content you have, the better for your sales rep so they can convince customers to buy. Sales enablement software like Content Camel is crucial for content as it:

  •         Provides a combined platform for sales reps can get marketing materials.
  •         Helps you identify gaps in your content library.
  •         Ensures better collaboration between marketing and sales. 

Sales enablement plays a key role in addressing all the top-line concerns as both the sales and marketing teams get a digital environment for accessing and sharing content. The time that you have saved can be used for future content creation. These tools also have a product and marketing messaging template.

Poor Account Retention

Saying that sales enablement is used only when a lead enters the pipeline and a contract is signed is no less than a myth. Sales enablement strategy offers a wide range of benefits for market expansion as well as account retention. You will miss out a lot if you do not use sales enablement for client retention. Sales enablement facilitates automation of processes across the client relationship at the key touchpoints so customers can get maximum value.

New Sales Reps are Underperforming

After you have hired new sales staff, you have to make them sell and meet goals once they are fully trained. But trying to teach everything in a short time could have negative effects on the understanding and learning of onboarding materials. When new hires fail to meet the numbers, then onboarding should be the first thing to work on.

A sales enablement strategy is required for creating an engaging and educational environment. A sales rep who gets trained and is deep in the culture of sales enablement since the start can focus on building expertise and skills. Sales reps, when they have instant access to marketing materials are more capable of performing. 

Always think of the sales enablement tools if you want to create or update your sales enablement strategy. The extent of benefits you acquire depends on the software that you choose. We recommend using Content Camel as it checks all the boxes. It’s a popular Bigtincan alternative that comes with advanced features.

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